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These days in my retirement ministry, most of the churches where I’m invited to preach have these things in common…
–Almost no man wears a necktie or suit.
–On the platform you find all kinds of musical instruments.
–Huge screens are mounted on the front walls, where the words of songs and scripture are projected.
–Many people in the congregation read Scripture from their phones.
–Worship leaders are often wearing jeans and sneakers.
–In the announcements, you hear of mission trips to foreign…

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a slight obsession with my nails. I get a manicure once a week and, in between, usually paint my nails myself when they start to chip. I have at least 100 bottles of nail polish – Essie, OPI, Butter London, Deborah Lippmann and Ciate are my favorite … Read More

Families in the Greater Cincinnati area and Northern Kentucky trust Walker Funeral Home during their time of need because of our exceptional care, willingness to provide the best value, our innovat…

If you've been wondering about the impact of recycling, here's a way to visualize how your recycled bottles, cans, cardboard and more matter.

Learn more about Cremation Planning Guide, from Smart Cremation, your direct cremation provider.

A top local surgeon and the ex-husband of ABC News’ chief women’s health correspondent killed himself by leaping off the George Washington Bridge, it was reported Sunday. Dr. Robert Ash…

Listen to 101.3 KGOT Live for Free! Stream Top 40 & Pop songs online from this radio station, only on iHeartRadio.

Just because you’ve chopped your locks doesn’t mean you have to ditch your curling irons! Bobs look extra cute with some wave, bounce, or ringlets, and you’re sure to fall in love with one of these delightful curly Bob hairstyles. Whether you’re currently rocking short hair or are looking to change up your current style[Read the Rest]

It’s no secret that my past was ridden with mental health issues—ones that kept me from wanting to live for much of my teenage life. I’m very vocal about this truth, and I will continue to be as along as my story may have an impact on others who need to hear it. And while I…

Whether your yard needs new plantings or a complete refresh, here are seven, must-know landscape design tips for the perfect garden.

Treat your party guests right by buying the freshest nuts and keeping them that way.

For those in need of ankle, knee, hip, or spinal surgery or other orthopedic surgery here is a list of the top orthopedic surgeons in Pennsylvania.

Asphalt driveway installation may be just what you need for a flexible, cost-effective, and quickly completed driveway.

There have been some recent hair trends that girls are obsessed with – going bald, Amber Rose style, or perhaps dying your hair a multitude of rainbow shades. But for guys, sometimes less is more. These hairstyles are bound to make any guy go crazy over you. We’re not sure what exactly it is about …

A mix of well-known musicals, such as Hairspray, and budding shows, String, are among the five-show lineup in Village Theatre's upcoming season.

Tough as nails, but they're pretty, too. Turn your black thumb into a green thumb with our picks for the top 10 plants you can't kill.

Haven't loved your last few cuts, and not sure how to say exactly what you want? Follow these tips, per our grooming expert.

It’s something we do every day — wear clothes! So, it somehow makes sense that we all have a few clothing tips and tricks up our sleeve. Everything from style and fashion to little tricks that help with all of the dilemmas we have with our bra straps, tight jeans, and uncomfortable shoes. These are …

Experience the tranquility and peacefulness of gliding on the open water with these incredible kayaking and canoeing experiences. Whether you learn to kayak with fun and exciting lessons, or go on one of our incredible canoeing or sea kayaking adventures, you are sure to find something new and exciting.

Steel, when exposed to moisture and oxygen, forms a crusty chemical component called iron oxide -- otherwise known as rust. The best way to remove rust is to never allow steel to rust in the first ...

Stuart city officials are considering lowering the maximum fence height in one neighborhood after complaints of an ugly fence.

Over the past few months, I’ve received a ton of questions about the dairy. And I LOVE them all! It makes me so excited that consumers, friends and family are interested in what happens on the farm and how their milk gets to their refrigerators. Keep the questions coming!! I am so thankful for the questions as …

The time has come to move out of your parent’s nest and head off to college or university. But wait, you haven’t purchased any furniture yet!

Your welcome mat is not a secure key hiding place, neither is the frame over your door or the suspicious foam-rubber "rock" lurking suspiciously next to your stoop. You might as well leave your doors unlocked. Instead hide your spare where nobody will ever think to look—right out in the open.

The average homeowner pays nearly $1,100 a year for home insurance, according to the latest data from the Insurance Information Institute. That’s money well spent — your rate pales in comparison…

It's the key to juicy, perfectly-cooked meat. And it's the opposite of what your mom always told you to do.

Thrifting is an art form. Here are some tips and techniques to find those hidden gems. Become a pro thrifter in no time.

The task of choosing a child care center for the first time can be daunting - let Primary Beginnings make it easy for you with these simple instructions.

How many times do we hear instructions? Think about it; everywhere we turn in our world, we are told to drive a certain way, eat at a certain place, etc… With so many

Culligan is the world leader in residential, office, commercial and industrial water treatment.

Starting preschool is a big step for a child, and parents can play an essential role in preparing their little one for this new experience.

The new Miele vacuums are here. Well there kinda new….The canister vacuums have gotten a new series number. They are now the “Classic” Compact, and the Complete.” C1,……

-Written by Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel Even in the best of circumstances, moving is stressful. In fact, researchers have found that most people find it even more taxing than getting a divorce! Save …

Many millions of tons of scrap is sitting unused in garages and basements, but taking that haul to the scrapyard to sell can be an intimidating process. We walk you through our own trip to sell some steel at a Detroit area scrapyard.

Spoiler: most of the time there are no clear signs your septic tank requires maintenance. You’ll typically see the signs below when your tank is overdue for maintenance.

Intense. But awesome...I LOVE being an architect. I LOVE being a part of my clients’ excitement - from the first design meeting to the point when they see it actually becoming a reality.

A little prop damage can equal big performance reductions. This short video shows you how to quickly restore your prop to like new condition.

Churches are more like organisms than they are organizations. Of course, organizational management is important in churches. Finances, staff reviews, and operations are among the many management ac…

On a picturesque summer day, the ocean off Long Nook Beach proved too enticing, as dozens of people ventured into the water Thursday, even as several new shark sightings were reported near the scene of the attack.

Three-quarters of a century after the attack on Pearl Harbor, survivors reflect on another deadly and era-defining day: Sept. 11, 2001.

Complete the job application for Data Entry Specialist in Islandia, NY online today or find more job listings available at Lehigh Technical and Professional Service at Monster.

Make a bold statement and elevate your home's aesthetic with these top 6 furniture and mattress trends emerging in 2019. From round dining and beautiful shades of blue to button tufted upholstered headboards, there's a lot to look forward to this year!

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