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Get inspired by these everyday food and wine pairings. For example, love chicken tacos? Try them with white Vinho Verde wine!

Are fruit flies creating havoc at your home? Here are 5 tips on how to get rid of fruit flies.

View All Sewing Patterns, Fabricworm brings you a modern and curated selection of beautiful sewing patterns for all.

There have been some recent hair trends that girls are obsessed with – going bald, Amber Rose style, or perhaps dying your hair a multitude of rainbow shades. But for guys, sometimes less is more. These hairstyles are bound to make any guy go crazy over you. We’re not sure what exactly it is about …

The words "laundry day" strike fear in even the bravest of hearts. Still, it simply has to happen — but it doesn't have so bad! We've rounded

Researchers exploring the ways in which our brains respond to hearing loss have found that the brain reorganizes, which may be related to a link between age-related hearing loss and dementia.

Police have arrested a Lancaster General Hospital/Penn Medicine employee following a sexual assault investigation. According to Lancaster Police, on September 12, 2018, a patient at the hospital woke up when he felt another person touching his genitals. The victim described the touching as done in a effort to manipulate or stimulate him, not in a clinical fashion. When the victim opened his eyes, he saw an unknown employee who also exposed.

Funeral costs will vary depending on type of funeral you want whether Direct Cremation, Direct Burial, or Traditional Full-Service Funeral.

Driving all over New Jersey in search of the state's best bakeries seems like an impossible mission - for everyone but Pete Genovese. The bread/doughnut/pastry lover lists N.J.'s top 20 bakeries, from one end of Jersey to the other.

This is why you should live with us in the luxury apartments at First Place! Our 3 bedroom, 2 bath unit is available now.

It’s never too early to book that tent you will need for your next party or wedding. People all over are throwing events and parties to celebrate this rollercoaster called life so why not make it special by booking the perfect tent for you and

Remington M 1911A1 .45 ACP caliber pistol. WWII government issued 1911A1 by Remington-Rand Inc. Excellent bore. Manufactured in approximately 1944. Action works perfectly. Gun has approximately 97-98% finish (parkerizing). Grips are excellent. Comes with WWII Aviator shoulder holster. Came with the gun from family.

The employees of Uncle Chicken's restaurant want their hard-earned money back after a woman was caught on video stealing a tip jar from the New Smyrna

Your brakes work hard every day to keep you safe, so it wouldn't hurt to show them a little TLC in return. Careless driving and a lack of auto maintenance will inevitably

Identity is not a cookie, a device ID or an email address. Applied effectively, identity provides a 360-degree view of the consumer no matter what device they’re using.

I'm going to show you how to iron a dress shirt. The results will have your husband convinced it came straight from the cleaners!

When you invest in a set of new tires for your car, you can make them last longer if you’re … Read More »

Chef Richard Sandoval of Maya Mexican Restaurant in New York shares with us his recipe for Capirotada (Mexican Bread Pudding), the perfect dessert for the coming holidays.

Kourageous Keith, aka Keith Burkett, is a twelve year old boy from Stow, who has terminal cancer. Sadly, he wasn’t given a whole lot of time left to live without a miracle. He has been able to do and see a lot of miracles happen on his behalf, most recently with the early Christmas Parade that...

Fear-Free veterinary visits start before the dog trots through your front door. Pet owners can help by training these three behaviors to make the exam a less stressful experience.

We’ve come up with six of the most common issues associated with group tours and how you can avoid them when it’s time for you to take a vacation.

Google’s Display Network allows you to reach customers across devices and formats. Learn how display network can promote and diversify your message!

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A 66-year-old man is recovering in the hospital after he was shot by police in northeast Philadelphia Tuesday night.Police say there was an argument on Crispin Street

A top local surgeon and the ex-husband of ABC News’ chief women’s health correspondent killed himself by leaping off the George Washington Bridge, it was reported Sunday. Dr. Robert Ash…

An autopsy shows that Orange Rural Fire Department Asst. Chief Jeff Holden had heart disease and high blood pressure that may have contributed to his death after he helped rescue a worker from an Efland trench.

Follow these holiday logistics best practices to get your DC/Warehouse ready for the surge in demand this holiday season.

During the golden age for barber shops,the barber shop was a weekly habit, not only for a haircut and a perfect shave, but also to fraternize with friends.

A study in mice has shown that the olivocochlear reflex acts as an ‘cochlear amplifier’, connecting and coordinating the left and right ears.

KITCHEN ADDRESS:, 1722 S Lewis Road, Camarillo CA 93012
ON SITE CONTACT:, Tim Kilcoyne

The Montessori experience differs from mainstream educational philosophies, and that's one of the keys to its success. By eliminating the mindless busy-work and allowing children to engage with all of their senses, Montessori toddler child care successfully allows kids to continue loving learning throughout their education. The Montessori philosoph...

The top seafood eateries on LI, from Salt & Barrel in Bay Shore to Louie's Grill and Liquors in Port Washington, Kyma in Roslyn to Noah's in Greenport, and more.

For the second year, Law360 has ranked the 100 best U.S. law firms for women, based on the firm's female representation at the partner and nonpartner levels and its total number of female attorneys.

Funeral etiquette is essential during this highly emotional times. A checklist of do's and dont's when attending funeral or memorial services.

From herbs to flowers, these five plants can ease feelings of stress and anxiety while promoting inner peace.

Browse a list of all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations across the globe; get directions, hours and contact information.

BANGKOK (AP) - The death of a 13-year-old boy who was knocked out during a kickboxing match in Thailand has sparked debate over whether to ban matches involving children
The death of Anucha Tasako came after a Muay Thai - Thai boxing - match Saturday in the Bangkok suburb of Samut Prakarn. The Facebook page Muaythai Krobwongjorn, which covers the sport, said he died from a brain hemorrhage. Protective gear is normally not worn in the sport, and video circulated on social media…

It is extremely common to walk into a Catholic church and see the letters IHS etched on a crucifix or prominently featured in a stained glass window. What do they mean? Contrary to popular belief, …

The top ten things to consider when buying metal roofing, presented by an industry expert.

If you are thinking of buying or renting a mobile home then you should read these 5 Tips for Moving Into a Mobile Home. Great tips for an easy move.

Between all the different events that gymnasts have to master — from balance beam to the vault for women, and the pommel horse to the rings for men — what's the most challenging apparatus, according to science?

Just because you’ve chopped your locks doesn’t mean you have to ditch your curling irons! Bobs look extra cute with some wave, bounce, or ringlets, and you’re sure to fall in love with one of these delightful curly Bob hairstyles. Whether you’re currently rocking short hair or are looking to change up your current style[Read the Rest]

You can be forgiven if you think that the pinkish liquid that makes a rare steak “juicy” is blood. We tend to call a rare steak “bloody,” after all, so it’s not exactly a stretch to think that the red liquid that drips out of your steak when you cut into it is blood.

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