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The king of heels, Christian Louboutin , once said, "A shoe has so ...

The all-new ultimate weight-loss website featuring simple food swaps, recipes, shopping tips, food news, health hacks and much more.

If you weigh assisted living against all the potential costs of in-home care, in many cases you'll find that it is the most reasonable option.

Journalist Ann Curry, who graduated from the University of Oregon, makes a dramatic discovery on "Finding Your Roots."

There have been some recent hair trends that girls are obsessed with – going bald, Amber Rose style, or perhaps dying your hair a multitude of rainbow shades. But for guys, sometimes less is more. These hairstyles are bound to make any guy go crazy over you. We’re not sure what exactly it is about …

I’m very grateful for my family. Growing up without my dad in the home, the rest of us became deeply close. We were all we had. Just the four of us. We clung to one another for strength. We cried in one another’s arms and on each other’s pillows. We didn’t have much, but we learned to enjoy the simp

How Much Does Screen Printing Cost | Wholesale Prices | Shirt Screen Printing | How Much Does It Cost To Screen Print A Shirt | Wholesale Screen Printing

Keep more money in your wallet with these money saving tips! You'll have a hard time finding more painless ways to save.

You may have heard it’s important to have a primary care physician (PCP). But what if you don’t already have one? In this video, we talk about how to find th...

Introduction to Sports Memorabilia Collecting 101 - Pricing vintage sports collectibles is very similar to other categories of antiques...

Petting a dog isn't as simple as you think. Follow trainer Mikkel Becker's tips on how to pet a dog and you'll have a canine friend for life.

Your septic tank should be cleaned routinely to keep the septic tank drainfield from becoming clogged. Call 210-698-2000 to learn more!

Modular Buildings can be used for governement buildings, portable prison housing, temporary classrooms and apartment complexes.

Foggy headlights are the last thing you need on these dark winter nights. We've got the tips you need to polish your headlights and protect yourself and others.

Grab a stiff grill brush, canola oil, a bowl and tongs and roll up an old kitchen towel. Then start the fire. Once the grill is warm but not so hot you canno...

The family of the man who was hit and killed while crossing West 25th Street Friday is pleading for help from the public.

You've been a part of the non-dancing world for too long. It's time to explore ballroom dance lessons. Your leap is a click away.

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