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Our struggle for religious liberty is connected to our struggle for freedom and justice in America.

A New Berlin man is now officially facing child pornography charges in macon County. Scott Gentry was arrested in January after a coworker claimed she said lewd photos of a child. After his arrest, police searched his New Berlin home as part of the investigation. Gentry is now charged with 10 counts of illegal possession of child pornography. He has pleaded not guilty.

We all want to keep our families safe and healthy. But sometimes a simple mistake in the way we handle and prepare food can lead to serious sickness. With some germs like Salmonella, just a small amount in undercooked food is enough to cause food poisoning. And just a tiny taste of food with botulism toxin can cause paralysis and even death
You can protect your family by avoiding these common food safety mistakes.
Mistake #1: Eating risky foods if you are more…

How to get perfect silver or white hair. Okay, so a lot of people asked me how to do this, I'd love you all to share your ideas and experiences in the commen...

If you are considering insulating your metal frame building, we have some answers for you. See options on how to insulate your building.

In a perfect world, you could use the red marks to identify the placement of the studs. To locate a center between the studs, simply find the black diamond.

The Baptist Joint Committee advocates a “golden rule” of religious liberty: Do not ask government to promote your religion if you don’t want government to promote somebody else’s religion; and do not permit government to hinder somebody else’s religion if you don’t want government to hinder your own religion.

Here are 14 ways to show you chair this #ValentinesDay.

God was seen in the Old Testament in several places. Almighty God was seen but not the Father. It was Jesus before His incarnation.

Mulch will help your garden become healthier and resistant to diseases. Mulch helps protect the soil from the sun which helps prevent evaporation of water.

If your company tells you that you can’t wear piercings or reveal your tattoos at work, they aren’t doing anything illegal. Don’t look to the legal system to protect workers who have body art. The law covers discrimination on the grounds of race, color, religion, age, nationality, origin and gender. The one exception may be if you’re a Hindu with a nose ring, which could be a religious observation
But there are limits. Your company can’t use tats or piercings as an excuse…

When deciding on a new window tint for your car, there are a number of variables to consider. Knowing your state’s laws on window tinting is essential.

Acupuncture can often produce results faster than common medications, depending upon your condition. However, it’s still important to try to get the most out of your treatment and commit to healing. Here are some tips for ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits from your sessions with a licensed acupuncturist: Keep an open mind. Positive…

Learn about gold purity, pricing, color and care. Visit Blue Nile for precious metal and alloy education.

Never had a massage before? These pro tips will help you make the most of your first time!

Shaniya Davis would be 15 years old now if her mother hadn’t traded her to pay off a $200 debt with Mario Andrette McNeill.

How beautiful is this 14k White Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring?

Don’t worry, honey, I’ll take care of that snake for you. . . Oh (explicit!!!) This funny clip shows what happens when A: you mess with snakes, and B: you’re not a very good shot. Before you try to pull off a stunt like this, make sure you at least hit the range first. Folks …

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